How to import gmail contacts in PHP using OAuth 2.0

As per day by day growing the website, Invite friend request functionality is a good feature which you can use in your website. Before use this you need to import your gmail/yahoo contacts.In this tutorial we will see how to import gmail contacts using PHP. Before you import gmail contacts you need to configure some …

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How to upload image or file in php ?

Image or file upload is a crucial part in every web application. Using PHP you can upload any type of file to the server. One more thing which is very important is that, as per security concern make sure you have implemented all the security checks (like file is valid or maximum upload file size …

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Create User Registration and Login Script with PHP & MySQL

Today I am going to discuss how to create a user registration and login script using PHP and MySQL. As you have already seen on the Web/Mobile App, most website requires a user registration and login page to access their resources. When you create your registration and login page you should always take care of …

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How to create captcha code in PHP

Have you ever got spam email from your website’s contact form or facing any type of security vulnerability on any form on your website ? If answer is yes,then this is the time to prevent your form from web attackers or automated scripts. So before we go ahead let’s discuss a little bit about captcha. …

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How to unzip or extract zip archieve files using PHP?

As you have seen earlier, I have posted an article How to create a ZIP file using PHP and MySQL. Today we are going to extract or unzip files from ZIP archieve using PHP. Using ZIP archieve you can store multiple files. You can create a .zip archieve files using compression or without compression. Suppose …

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How to create a zip file using PHP and MySQL?

Today I came up with a new tutorial. In this article you are going to learn how to create a zip file using PHP and download it in zip format. Here I am using MySQL database as well, because you will get an idea that how to export images in zip format which is stored …

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First Post of EwebTutorials

EWebTutorials First Post

Greetings you on behalf of eWebTutorials. This is my first post. In this blog, I would say my first step in the field of blogging. I have started this blog with a big motive to increase the skills and knowledge of my readers in the field of ‘Web Application Development’ as well as ‘Web Designing’. …

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