Auto Load Dynamic Data with jquery smooth scroll

When you have millon of data in your database how will you display that data to your website visitor? Either you can display the data using pagination or auto load the data through jquery scrolling. In this article I will show you how to load dynamic data from your database while you scroll down your …

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Login application using JAVA, J2EE(Servlet), AJAX and jQuery

Today i am going to tell you how to create a login application using J2EE, AJAX and jQuery. AJAX is generally used in a web application to modify or update or to perform certain task without reloading the web page. jQuery is the JavaScript library which makes it easier for handing various JavaScript functionalities like …

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Export data to Excel using JAVA and Apache POI API

Hi Friends! Here I will explain how to export data from database to an excel sheet in JAVA. There are several methods available using which we can export data to an excel sheet. I have used Apache’s POI API to export database table data to excel sheet. In future posts I’ll explain the different methods …

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How to create header, footer, sidebar in Laravel?

Creating header,footer or sidebar in dynamic website is a common thing. When you work on dynamic websites and there are multiple pages, you should separate your header, footer, sidebar file to avoid calling the same code on every templates file. The main important thing to separate these files is that, if you want to change …

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How to Export data from MySQL to CSV file in Laravel

Here we will discuss about how to export data in .csv format from the database in laravel.Suppose you have a table in database which contains few records. So when you want to show that table data on any listing page, instead of displaying all the data, you show some sample data from the database table. …

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Simple login application with j2ee (servlet)

Hello friends! Here I will tell how to create a login application in java using a simple Servlet. Generally in a login application we validate a user against the existing user credentials in the database. If the username and password match with any existing records in the database, then user is logged-in the database, else …

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How to use ajax with jquery in laravel

Sometimes in your web application if you want to update some parts of your web page(without reloading the webpage) then you can use AJAX with your server side scripting language.AJAX is the composition of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a client side script, which updates your content asynchronously in the background of your web …

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Form validation in Laravel

Form Validation is an extremely important part in every web application.It protects your incoming data from malicious attacks.So before you save user input data into the database or send an email to the user you should always properly validate your form. There are 2 different ways to validate the form i.e Client Side Validation and …

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First Post of EwebTutorials

EWebTutorials First Post

Greetings you on behalf of eWebTutorials. This is my first post. In this blog, I would say my first step in the field of blogging. I have started this blog with a big motive to increase the skills and knowledge of my readers in the field of ‘Web Application Development’ as well as ‘Web Designing’. …

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